Coming Home this Morning

After being out to dinner and spending the night in a motel, it's interesting to come back to the house today. The whole place smells. Some rooms are worse than others, with the upstairs being the worst and the living room a close second. Our bedroom is probably the least affected.

I want to get curtains down and wash them, but I really must wait for the insurance guy and the guy from the clean up company to do a walk through.
The whole house feels like we are camping, which is fun if one is camping partly because you know that eventually you get to go home and clean up. But around here, everthying smells and everything feels dirty.

And since the upstairs is so bad, the carpet will have to be replaced, wall restored...I don't know what all, I just wonder what will happen.

So I will wash dishes, do laundry and wait and see what happens.


james said…
Yes, I peak at your blog sometimes. Yes, I'm terribly sorry this happened. I'm glad no one was hurt.
Anonymous said…

Just saw the info about your fire. Thanks be to God that all of you are safe. Hopefully, insurance will cover much of the replacement and cleanup work.

gemma said…
Take it from someone with experience.....DO NOT DO ANYTHING until the adjuster arrives and inspects every blessed detail and do not do that "Oh we can live with this" people pleasing thing that we do so well......Be a complainer and a won't stand for it'er....The adjuster wants to get as little as possible on the pay out. You need to "be made whole" as they say......The insurance company we dealt with when our pipes burst one winter would only replace the wallpaper on the half wall where the rusty water erupted....How does that work? Don't be nice!!!
Joyful Days said…
Oh, Alana! I just read your story about all of this today. Prayers of thanksgiving everyone is fine. Prayers that resolution and repairs are made quickly.

Liz in Seattle said…
What Gemma said. And take pictures, lots of pictures. Video if you can, because that can capture more detail.

This is why you pay insurance premiums. This is for your children's health. And this is (maybe) so you can sell a "whole" home and move to Louisville.

Be that stick-in-the-mud that fights for your kids :-)
Emmelia said…
Alana, I am so glad everyone at your house is safe!
I was telling Kristie about your fire. She sends their concern and prayer too. They too had smoke damage to their old house before they were able to sell it and insurance paid for everything. The 'good' out of this is that now you can list your house with new carpet and paint (not to mention walls! ;-) in the upstairs and you don't have to pay for it! Remember in the hard days of smoke and work ahead that God really does work in mysterious ways! This too is one of His 'blessings', just in a very smelly disguise!
I am just so glad you are all safe!

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