Friday, July 25, 2008

Bureaucracy, or The War on Drugs

So, yesterday I go to make sure my dd1 has enough meds to get her through a week of Camp, which starts this Sunday. Thankfully, I did this yesterday, and not tomorrow. I realize she's going to run out of both her meds. No big deal, right? I drop off her prescriptions on the way to the store, Wes picks them up later.

Inside the bag was one filled perscription, and one empty bottle. Attached to the bag was a note: Can't fill "medication X" until 7-29-08.

That's smack dab in the middle of Camp week, which child who needs to take said meds will be 2.5 hours away, thankyouverymuch!!!!!!

This is just lovely. This is what you get when people abuse prescription drugs, or sell them on the street. And yes, this drug does have some street value. But then normal law abiding people who merely don't want their kid to be CATATONIC can't get a prescription re-filled a few days early to accomodate sending a kid off to camp.


So today it's going to be frantic phone calls to her doctor, hoping for a solution to this delimma.

Or else next week I get to schlep myself and the two kids who are too young for camp up to Indiana and back. Not the end of the world, but that would be annoying and expensive.


Veiled Glory said...

Maybe you can try getting a script sent to a different pharmacy?? I had to do that once before. Not all pharms have the same meds or same delivery methods of said meds.

John Nicholas said...

Are you using insurance with a pharmacy benefit? Most ins. plans limit the quantity and frequency at which prescriptions can be filled in order to prevent fraud and abuse. You can get it filled, but the insurance company will not pay for it.

Liz in Seattle said...

We've been hit with that, just before international travel. But catatonia was not involved.

How did it work out?

Theodora said...

Yet one more reason for me to STRONGLY DISLIKE people who do drugs. This is in addition to, you know, my sister being on the front line of the war on drugs, plus a lot of innocent people being in the line of fire.

Evil definitely has no ontological existence in this case. No users = no drug war.

Sorry about the current dilemma -- did everything work out? How is DD1 enjoying camp??

Alana said...

Everything did work out. A phone call to the doctor on Friday, and he called the pharmacy and thereby we got permission to fill the perscription early.

Dd's 1 and 2 are safely at camp, and I trust enjoying themselves. Next year I'll have THREE campers.