Saturday, July 19, 2008

And to Top it All Off

9 pm, we are pulling in to the driveway for a very late after-Vespers supper, and I have this bad thought: did I forget to plug in the crock pot?

Answer: Yes, indeed!

So there's no way we are eating THOSE two bags of beef ravioli which were supposed to be simmering but instead have probably been growing bacteria, now is there?

Wes ordered pizza.

And so we wait.

Big. Shuddering. Sigh.


gemma said...

Sounds like me - last week my husband and my friend and I went out for the day. We ambled here and sauntered there and stopped for a wonderful liesurely lunch. Then we shopped and tra la la when it hit me. "onononononooooooooo! I left the dryer on." My dryer doesn't shut off when just gets hotter and hotter and visions of smoke and flames filled my head. All of that earlier work on reducing stress? Gone. Back to the teeth grinding and tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. I know you know about those.

As it turned out I had left the dryer on but had turned the heat off. Sorry about your ruined meal but hope the pizza was good.

H and S said...

Oh, that sinking feeling.

elizabeth said...

there are days...

good call RE: pizza.

Jennifer F. said...

That sounds EXACTLY like something I would do. Thank God for pizza!