Ain't no cure for the summertime blues...

Next week, I have two birthday parties to throw. TWO. That's what I get for having babies 363 days apart.

So, A's party is going to be a group of girls (I hope they'll come) doing tie dye t-shirts and getting stoked on too much sugar.

And E's party is going to involve Pokemon from beginning to end. Again, I hope the invitees (who have yet to be issued their invitations) will be willing to show up.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to panic a bit. I think the cakes are going to be store bought. And I need to go on an excursion to figure out how much tie dye kits cost. Yeepers! I hope I've not bit off more than I can chew.

I always panic a bit when it comes to stuff like this. I'm not very good at it.

In other news, I've been fighting summer sloth. It's just so stankin' HOT around here, what with no AC or anything like that, and I get tired. Doldrummy. Craving salt. Don't want to exercise.

And why does the heat make me feel fat and bloaty? And of course bored, but too drained to do anything fun like roll my carcass to the pool, where we could at least cool off in the water.

Two other reasons I've not done the pool thing as much with the kids this summer: My ears were bothering me...which problem is solved now, and I HATELOATHEANDABHOR my swimsuit. That's a new word. Does one get the drift of how much I dislike it?


Mimi said…
I'd show up, being as I also have an August birthday and know the trials.

Happy, Happy to your little ones!
maria said…
Alana -- did you get your invite for Miranda's party this weekend??? Eail me if you didn't -- I'm such a mess and have lost track of what I have & haven't done!!!
Anonymous said…
Tie-dye is great, it is one of the few things better than real cake :-) I have no idea what pokemon is doubtless due to being a middle-aged widow. Is it one of those Japanese monster things? When I was still a district nurse coming into contact with kids Japanese monsters were all the rage and I could rely on being slaughtered by one most days.

So sorry to hear about your fire and very, very glad you and yours are all safe and sound.
Marfa said…
I feel the same way, no AC is okay, it's natural, I dress in less clothing and then when I go outside it's the same, not a stark shock to the heat. I think it's healthier, normal, your body doesn't have to adjust to the differences! Sometimes I wish I had more energy, but I realize it's b/c of the heat & humidity that make me lethargic.

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