What I've done this week

I tend to discount many of the activities and things that I do. Some of them are too ordinary...you know, like washing dishes, or fixing a meal. And some of them are one-of-a-kind. Some take a long time, and some are moments.

My big fault is that I see the grace and beauty on other women's blogs and I compare it to the drabness and everydayness of my own life (and blog) and I get discouraged.

So, here's what I have done this week:

Prayed with my family each evening.
Prayed with my kids each morning.
Read my Bible.
Washed dishes.
Made meals.
Gone to the grocery store for snack items for VCS and a sleepover.
Arranged child care for my kids while I was in surgery.
Had numerous doctors appointments.
Swift sneaky trip to fabric store.
Sewed two head-coverings.
Surgery! (Submitted to, not performed)
Took some pictures.
Read blogs.
Wrote on blogs.
Took a nap.
Got upset at husband. Asked forgiveness later.
Took kids to library.
Lead two days of singing time at Vacation Church School.
Made recordings of songs for VCS.
Let a little boy "play" my guitar.
Made posters for songs at VCS.
Took some Pannera bread to some refugee friends of ours.
Did laundry. (Including folding it, and putting my part away!)
Mopped my kitchen floor.
Swept various other floors...

and on and on.

So why don't I think that I measure up?????


Callie said…
You most certainly DO measure up!
H and S said…
I love your blog! Because you're so real and humble. That's beautiful.
elizabeth said…
i struggle with comparison to others too... i have a non-biological (i guess one would say spiritual?) big sister who told me that her spiritual father told her not even to compare herself with herself (i.e. her past and present)...

i also have another person in my life who told me that if anyone appears to have everything, it is an illusion...

i hope you are doing okay - surgery?!! i broke my foot last week and was terrfied yesterday that I would have to have surgery to reajust one of the fractured bones (two) and was so relieved that I did not need it. are you doing okay? surgery can be scary...
gemma said…
I feel very much like that Alana. My list is endless and yet. . . I look around and see how others do and live and wonder how???? I think, if truth be known, those people have more than 24 hours to their day. How would we know? We live by our clocks and I think we only have 14 hours in our days. That's the truth I am going to live by.

Oh well...maybe part of my problem is spending too much time wondering.

You, my dear, are an unbelievable dynamo in my estimation, and at the same time you enjoy your life and your family to the nth degree. Carry on!!
Dollymama said…
Surgery?! What surgery??
Alana said…
Endometrial ablation for demon monster periods and huge blood clots.

Very short procedure, but total anesthesia.

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