A Terrible Meme

in which I've been asked to reveal all the secrets of my life. Auuuuuugh. You are about to witness the most horrify sights, should you read further. And seeing them, you will understand my tendencies towards lunacy and depression.

So, without further ado, here's my fridge. It is too small. Much, much too small. This is after a week of eating and we still don't have enough room in there. And check out the very cool gorilla-tape shelf fixes. Things only fall out every other time we open the refridgerator door.

And here are some dishes waiting to be washed. My kitchen is never perfect. That's why I'm a flylady dropout.

And here's the toilet. Raw, and uncut. Fortunately the lid was closed, otherwise, I'll bets would have been off.

Here's the closet. Not too bad.

Shoes. In pile. Behind closet door.

I like the back yard with garden, especially now that it's freshly mowed.

My favorite spot depends on what time of day it is, what the weather is, and what mood I'm in. But here's the view from my back porch spot, which I love:

Here's some laundry surrounded by the next room that should be cleaned:

I don't have a dream vacation. I don't LET myself have a dream vacation. Although I'd like to go to the beach. Or Switzerland. Yeah, that sounds good. I'd settle for some camping out at Red River Gorge. See the youtube link.


Sorry the meme was so "terrible" :)

With a family as large as yours, you need two refrigerators! Mine is always completely stocked up and we are really only about three people eating. David eats like a camel (a huge amount every few days) and Grace is still learning to like things.

Did you rearrange the living room?
Alana said…
Well, for one thing, the picture is reversed, and for another...yes, I did rearrange the living room.
Anonymous said…
Golly, I don't feel so bad now. ;)

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