Simple Pleasures

A goose had to cross the road, and chose to do so right in front of my car. The road was very busy, and that goose caused quite a traffic back-up. But I had the pleasure of watching it's leisurely waddle. This brought me much unexpected joy, as I had been driving along and feeling rather tired and stressed out.

That goose seemed so content. He (or she) took his time. And got across the road safely. While all the humans in their big stinky cars had to wait.

The meek shall inherit the earth.


Liz in Seattle said…
Honk versus honk. What a treat!
elizabeth said…
lovely... thanks for sharing this!
H and S said…
Love it. Around here, people often don't stop for animals.

Do you have those yellow signs with pictures of ducks or geese or other things or people crossing the road, to warn motorists?

We have them for ducks, koalas and old people!
emily said…
What a wonderful story/thought for the day.
::Sylvia:: said…
lol, how very true!
I can picture that so vividly.

Hey- You've been tagged by me :)

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