One Weird Quiz

How I scored on the 1930's Wife scale:


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


Rebecca said…
Thanks for posting this, it was fun. My husband and I had a fun time going through it - taking our appropriate test first and then scoring for the other. We both end up in the "very superior" section, no matter who is scoring. :) Funny.
I did that to and scored a 104 :)
H and S said…
I found this hilarious!

And quite revealing. Lots of things I hadn't thought about before.
Anonymous said…
I got 77--very superior--but not quite as good as you! :) bjm
Anonymous said…
This could also be the "Indian Wife" test. Thanks for the fun link -- I think!
Anonymous said…
Oh, and uh...I just took the test for myself and then for the Astronomer. I scored 37. He scored 131!


No, actually I think it's because I don't have children so I got a lot of negatives for anything having to do with children. He does have a (grown up) child and I answered his test based on what I knew of his time with her when she was little.

Oh, and I just can't seem to keep those darn nylon seams straight.
Marsha said…
I got a 78! I also saw a few things that I could work on. (I do wait until he's almost asleep before going to bed; and I DO wait to sit down for a meal and then feel resentful that dh started eating without me) oops

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