Monday-the Bodiless Hosts

It's Monday morning and a slow start to the day. Each day of the week has a special commemoration in the Orthodox Church. Monday is the Bodiless Hosts...that's Angels in plain English.

Why do we remember the Angels? Well, they are servants of God, for one thing. They don't sin like we do. It ought to go without saying, but I'll say it anyway just because somebody out there in the blogiverse probably has a misconception: Just because we address a hymn or a prayer to a saint or an angel does NOT mean we worship them. Worship is for God alone. The angels and the saints are among the "great cloud of witnesses" who are cheering us on and praying for us.

Here are the hymns for the Bodiless Hosts:

Troparion: Supreme Commanders of the heavenly hosts, we unworthy ones implore you that by your supplications ye will encircle us with the shelter of the wings of your immaterial glory, and guard us who fall down before you and fervently cry: Deliver us from dangers since ye are the Marshalls of the Hosts on high.

Kontakion: Supreme Commanders of God and ministers of the Divine Glory, guides of men and leaders of the angels, ask for what is to our profit and for great mercy, since ye are the Supreme Commanders of the Bodiless Hosts.


I think it's important to remember that there are these holy warrior beings who are very interested in whether or not we fight the good fight and run the race of faith.

And on Mondays we remember them. I personally like thinking about the fact that the angels are all around us, worshiping God, and praying for us. Any prayer that I do is a sliver compared to what they are constantly offering up to God. But we are on the same team, and that makes me glad.

Now it's time for some rather belated morning prayers with the kids. (We slept in and then I made lenten waffles since we are now in the Sts. Peter and Paul fast this week, so it's been a slow morning.)

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John Nicholas said…
Well written..I'm diggin'this. Keep it up. :>)

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