Keeping House

I haven't really found anything interesting to blog about lately. I've just been busy keeping house.

The good news is, I've upped my dish washing habit a notch, and now I'm much mor likely to do up the supper dishes than leave them for the next day. I find it's easier to attack a meal's worth of dishes, or half a day's worth of dishes, than it is to leave them all for at once. So, there's a shred of order and beauty being added to my day.

On the sewing front, I've got a couple of skirts cut out...actually they are "makeovers". What I mean by this is that I find a jumper (in this case one that's too big for me now and not a flattering length, and I cut it off under the armpits and add an elastic waist for a long skirt. Very comfortable and flattering.

While I was cleaning out the girl's room I found a regency style dress in very light blue light weight denim (or is it chambray?) that they did not want. I'd made it as a mock up before doing a wedding dress a couple of years ago. So this morning I harvested the fabric from the skirt of the dress, removed some panels and have pieces to sew myself a skirt and a skirt for one of my daughters. The skirt I'm making for me is going to be what I like to call "monastery length" other words, all the way to the ground.

Unfortunately I'm very tired today. I had to run out this morning to fetch some de-caf coffee (which clearly still has addictive qualities since I had a headache until I had some), and ran into some friends at the store. It's was like a little party in the coffee aisle at Kroger. And while we were chatting, we spotted another friend of ours. So it really WAS a party in the coffee aisle at Kroger. I have lived in this neighborhood for eleven years, and this is the FIRST time that's ever happened. I'm grateful that I finally know some people. This is the fruit of going to a local women's Bible Study.

So I've got this sewing looming, that I really want to do, and more grocery shopping to do that I really HAVE to do, and NO ENERGY!!!!! Yes, I want to bustle around, getting stuff done and making my home pretty but body has no energy today.

But I'm trying to keep things pleasant and be upbeat.

In the garden, we have lettuce ready to be picked. The roses are prolific and I have some cut in the dining room.


Mimi said…
Sounds like nice things brewing, running into a friend is always a treat.
Veiled Glory said…
Roses...what types of roses? My mother would grow scented varieties like 'Double Delight' and 'Tropicana' for cutting. I miss that.

elizabeth said…
i hear you... since i momentarily have a broken and wounded right foot (really do not recommend having one's foot run over by a car, not the best idea!) I am forced to depend on others for almost everything - but I think there must be a spiritual lesson learned from it. for me it is depending on God for each day, that my needs will be met.

it is hard to have zero energy, i've been there too. praying for you.
Alana said…
Red ones. A deep pinkish red. And the other bush a little bit lighter, obviously a different variety. I have no idea what type of roses they are, as they were planted before we bought the house and I've managed not to kill them all in the past 11 years.

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