I must confess

that I've gotten bogged down in my Bible reading challenge. I resolve to take my Bible to the pool this afternoon and keep reading it, while the kids swim.

Also I wanted to send out apologies to all you who read my blog and are not all that interested in instructions on making silly hats. I'll try to write something more interesting soon.

It's just so darned HOT that my brain doesn't work well. And, I've been focusing on being busier around the house, keeping the kitchen clean, etc. That does not make for anything interesting to blog about, that's for sure. Neither do trips to the pool or grocery shopping. Sigh. I spent 250 dollars at the grocery store yesterday. Can you believe it? Hopefully all the food will not be gone in a week, but the kids do seem to eat more than they used to. Meanwhile I try to eat less, but it doesn't seem to balance out.

I should get back into reading those Scriptures. Perhaps something blog worthy will come to me then.

I also have a stack of papers to grade, dishes to wash and I promised the kids a trip to the pool this afternoon. I shall procrastinate on the papers. I always do.

Today's mine and Wes' 16th wedding anniversary. I recommend marriage very highly. Here's our secret to happiness: We tolerate each other's goofinesses, and laugh at each other's jokes, and generally have a good time. I miss him when he works so much, but I know he's doing it for the family. And he misses me when I'm too tired to do anything but be a vegetable on the couch, but he knows it's because I've been busy working for the family. So we pour out our lives for each other. That's how it goes. I only get miserable when I try to change him. When he tries to change me, I make sure he's miserable, too. So it's better to just love one another. We've learned this. Happy Anniversary to us!


Mimi said…
Happy Happy Anniversary and Many Years
elizabeth said…
i like your hats! happy anniversary! many years!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations... and the white lace hat is very apt :-)
emily said…
Happy Anniversary!
Veiled Glory said…
The hats are not silly. They were darling!

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the sage advice. We've only got two year behind us, but still soooo much to learn. :)

Liz in Seattle said…
Happy Anniversary to you both! May God grant you many years!

Oh, and for an anniversary present, I'm trying to figure out a way to send our low-50's constantly pouring weather to you. Really, I'm trying... :-)
Joi said…
Happy Anniversary!!!
I love all of your blogs. Creative, the struggle to do housework, your life in general. I sure do miss you!

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