The Glad Game

I watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Pollyanna last week. It was quite inspiring.

So, here's a list of things I'm grateful for, or "glad about" as Pollyanna would put it:

A husband who is good to me and who is lighting the candles for family evening prayers.

A daughter who is playing classical music on her alto recorder.

Open windows.

Sweaters to deal with too-cold airconditioning that I'm not used to.

The ceiling fan in my bedroom

Pool passes

The fun time I had at the Explorium (Children's museum) with my two youngest kids on Saturday

My sewing skills

Lace curtains (they make me so glad!)

a chance to relax and watch a movie tonight

the fact that I have a good marriage

things growing in our garden

My parish

I'll stop there for now.

There's lots to be grateful for.


gemma said…
You bet there is...lots to be glad about. Thanks for making me think about that.. I don't do that thinking thing often enough.
Monica said…
I love this "game" and try to keep a "Thankfulness" journal... also call it "Gifts from God" sometimes. Anne at Holy Experience quotes a study that shows that people who kept lists of things for which they were thankful are happier.

Here's to being happier and thankful!
Mimi said…

I always loved that book and movie.

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