And the Winner is...

Philippa! Congratulations. I'll be sending you your Jordanville prayer book cover in the mail after I contact you.

I'm just very tired tonight. I spent the afternoon visiting some friends, and that was a blessing, but I came home very tired. And then I crashed.

I think I need to go back on the hypoglycemia diet. Sigh. The Lord got me through Lent, and the fasting, but now I'm crashing again and feeling sick and miserable when I don't eat.

I will do another blog giveaway soon. Probably a hat!


Mimi said…
Whooot, whooot! Congratulations Philippa!
elizabeth said…
hope you can rest and feel a bit better. :)
Philippa said…
Wow! Really? I never win anything! Ha!

Thank you for making my day Alana!
::Sylvia:: said…
Congratulations Philippa! Isn't winning stuff oodles of fun??

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