Aint no cure for the Summertime Blues...doing dee dee doing dee dee....

Sometimes a mom's just gotta be a harda$$. You register for an online computer game and IGNORE THE AGE are SO grounded from the computer for WaYYYYYY longer than YOU think is reasonable. (Even though if you'd have ASKED, one of us would have been happy to sign you up, kiddo.)

You don't like dinner OR a peanutbutter jelly sandwich? Well then, enjoy your rumbly stomach, kid.

Your BORED???? OK, Kid, howsabouts doing some laundry!

And so it goes.


Kyralessa said…
What's the fun of being a parent if you can't tell a bored kid to go clean his room or do the laundry? :D
Mimi said…
you are a peanut butter sandwich nicer than me :)

I agree, the rules are the rules.
Anonymous said…
Crack that whip! Tee hee hee. I could be a mean nanny in my day.
Lightfinder said…

(Don't worry, I'm taking notes.)

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