Thursday, May 08, 2008

War Driving

Well, internet has been down at our house for the past few days. It's rather annoying. Windstream "doesn't do appointments" so tomorrow I get to wait around for them all day until they deign to grace me with their presence. And Iglou's teer one techies are...well, Wes is not impressed. So, no internet. Whatever did they do before internet? Invented it, of course!

So tonight, dh and I went on a "Wifi Date". At first we tried Starbucks, but unfortunately they charge money to use their wifi. So there, we ate cookies and had some rather nasty burnt-tasting coffee.

So on our way over to the trusty Third Street Stuff Coffee Shop with the free wifi, we decided to do some "WAR Driving". Wes drove, I had laptop open, and we hunted for signals. Got one, too, and were able to do emergency CPR on the over-clogged e-mail box for a few minutes, rain beating down on the roof of the car, sitting outside someone else's appartment. It felt geeky and cool.

So, here I am, at Third Street Stuff. The background music is annoyingly loud, and I have to retype every other word because it makes me lose my concentration. (I'm more of the "silence" type.) I can barely form coherent sentences.

But I just wanted to let everyone know why this blog has been dead for the past few days.

So I suppose I should say, we are still out on our "wifi date". It's rather cute. I feel silly. And old.


Carmen said...

Why would you feel old? It's actually a cool thing to do!

elizabeth said...

i think it is cute in the best way!!! that is nice! hope your internet comes back soon! :)

Liz in Seattle said...

Extremely geeky! And I'm with you...can't stand to work with noise around. I can barely read in Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Coffee at Starbucks? Are you no longer a virgin?