My kids

have checked a Latin-English Dictionary out from the library and are busy making up new "Harry Potter" spells to go with the sanded down sticks with duct tape handles that they are calling wands.

Classical Un-schooling, I say!

And no, I did not put them up to this...


JustinZ said…
Hmm. I wonder who inspired them to do this!
Alana said…
Bwahahaha! I'm glad they are friends.
That's awesome!
Elizabeth said…
There is absolutely nothing wrong with their creativity or their imaginations !
maria said…
Hi Alana
Out of interest, you might want to have a read of:

and this one:

and this one:
Alana said…
Ah yes, the debate about Harry Potter rages.

Some Orthodox Christians insist that this series of books is an introduction to the Occult, while others claim it is in the genre of literature akin to that written by JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

I've read the Potter series. I obviously have let my kids read the Potter series. But I post those links for reader perusal, because it's good to think about things. And to be open to discussion.
Sammybunny said…
Oh my gosh! I totally did that one time! I took a dowel and sanded the tip and took plaster gauze and made a handle and then tarred the wand and rubbed it with polyurethane to dry! It looks awesome! It is so nice to hear of other conservative Christians who read Harry Potter! YAY!

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