Good for you, Kentucky Utilities!

When we opened our electric bill this month, an insert fell out. What was it? Information about how, for a wee bit more...a mere $15.00 a month, we can buy just a bit more than the equivalent of our typical energy usage in hydroelectric power instead of coal based power. All the kids cheered.

And quite frankly, it sounds good to me, too!


Mimi said…
Whohoooo! Awesome!
Dianne said…
Today, someone sent me this link to a video of Wendell Berry addressing the rally at "I Love Mountains Day," February 14, 2008, in Frankfort. Is this the event you attended, and did you hear Berry in person? (I'm jealous :))
Alana said…
Yes, that was the event, and I DID get to hear Mr. Berry live and in person. I did not meet him, however.

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