Bible Reading Challenge

I read this challenge on someone else's blog a few weeks ago, and it seemed like a neat idea: Read the Bible as fast as you can. The whole thing. The same way you would if you were reading a page turner. Pick it up and read whenever you get a chance. Spend entire evenings reading, etc.

Here's how I'm playing: Start date was yesterday, May 9th, 2008. I'd recently read the first three chapters of Mark, so I'm counting that.

My goal is to pray through the Psalter fairly regularly anyways, so I'm just going to keep doing that, and when I have gone through the whole thing, I'll add that to my "completed" list.

Oh, and this challenge includes the Deutrocanonical books.

As I complete each book, I will report in here on my blog. You can see the list in the sidebar. Feel free to totally nag me if I get bogged down.
Completed So far: Genesis, Mark.

Currently in: Exodus

Anyone want to join me on this challenge? (I've done the "Through the Bible in a Year" thing...this will be different.)


Anonymous said…
the DC are important! I'm always a little sad when my Protestant friends try to convience me that I should ignore them. Honestly, Sirach is my favorite book out of the whole Bible. The wording is just so intense.
I have a degree in Biblical Studies and am about to go to seminary, so it's hard for me to read at a fast pace. I get so caught up in details and have to pull out a thousand books to do cross-referencing.
Veiled Glory said…
Can I pick up in the middle of the Epistles and then track back? I have been reading through the NT like a barn on fire recently...making it into a formal challenge will be fun!
Veiled Glory said…
Can I jump in the middle of the Epistles? I have been reading through the NT like a barn on fire already.

Ready, set...GO!
Alana said…
Do it, girlfriend! Whatever it takes. In whatever order you like. I'm already getting SUCH a blessing out of it, and I've only just begun!
Anonymous said…
Yippeee! 1&2 Timothy done!

Sorry for the double post...Blogger funkiness.


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