Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bible Challenge Update

I finally finished Numbers this morning. I hadn't had much reading time this week, as I've really been working on "being present" with my kids during the day, instead of tuning them out in favor of reading. Hence the slow-down.

And, quite frankly, I find Numbers to be the most boring book of the Pentateuch. I did, however, get a little bit convicted about the complaining and murmuring thing.

Glory to God for all things.


Amber Lee said...

Praise God that you tune them out with books and not some mindless daytime television. It's good to know that someone's chldren is seeing their mother busy reading (the Holy Scriptures no less!) and not shooing them away while she watches some daytime talk show.

Anonymous said...

You will smile to know that my dad is reading the Bible through--the first time in his almost 91 years, he told me with pride in his voice. Then I go to your blog later the same day and see that you have a Bible challenge running. I am the sandwich generation with family before and aft delving into the scriptures. :) I'm blessed. bjm