Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sometimes, when I'm driving home from Divine Liturgy, I look around and am amazed that there are people for whom nothing has transpired. I want to shout "THE WORLD HAS CHANGED TODAY!" "CHRIST HAS VISITED US!" "HEAVEN HAS TOUCHED EARTH AGAIN!" "THE BODY AND BLOOD OF OUR LORD HAS BEEN FREELY GIVEN TO US, COME AND SEE!"

But people are walking down the street, as usual.

Or jogging along with their ipods full of music, as usual.

And my hope is that for them, something has transpired, after all. Even if they do not know it...yet.

Because when I look at the world, the veil seems so thin, and there are all these people, God have mercy!, whom He loves. It's not that God isn't constantly pulling all to Himself. Because He is.

And I don't want to be asleep, as a human, if my role in worship is indeed to stand and offer up all the world to God, and ask in prayer for his mercy on us all. I truly hope that this includes all my friends, my cat, my home, my food, the stranger walking down the street and the skinny jogging woman with the ipod.

Because the world is changed. It is not what it once was. God is with us!

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Joyful Days said...

The veil is thin, but our eyes are very clouded. I'm always shocked at people that are (seemingly) unmoved by the mercy of the LORD.

His glory in the grand and in the tiny is hard to conceive sometimes.