Score: Four

Four kids feeling sick, that is. Two of them have vomited.

Just now, and at 3:30 am last night.

My constant nagging refrain to the kids now is: "I WILL PAY YOU MONEY IF YOU VOMIT IN THE TOILET!!!!"


gemma said…
You are my kind of gal Alana. I would be saying the same thing....hope everyone feels better very very soon.
Joyful Days said…
Oh! I am so sorry. And I am so going to remember to bribe my children with $$ when they get sick. You are so smart.


Laura said…
Oh no! This went through out house about 6 weeks ago. I give the kids buckets in case I can't help them to the toilet in time. (We have old "halloween" buckets that we don't use anymore) You still have to clean out the bucket, but at least it's not everywhere. Y'all are in my prayers.
Mimi said…
I hope everyone feels better soon. I read that last line out loud to Dh last night. Sigh.
Kyralessa said…
I'll have to remember that trick. :)

But I assume you discontinue it when the kids are old enough that they start sticking their fingers down their throats for extra cash? :O
Alana said…
The offer only stands when there's a known stomach bug going around.

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