Mind Games

Some thoughts on the weight loss process:

One thing that I've noticed is how much of a mind game losing weight is. For instance, for several weeks I've been ekeing along, barely losing anything, and even a small gain. After the small gain I decided to get focused and boom, lost more than expected, and suddenly I'm down into the bottom five pounds of this decade (ten pound increment) and I'm SUPER motivated to push it down into the next decade. Whereas two pounds ago, it seemed like a huge hurdle and that it would take me forever. It's all in my head, and it's all a numbers game. And what's in my head is what determines what happens in my kitchen and on the scale.

Why does motivation wane and wax and wane and wax like that?

Another thing I notice: slog, slog, whooosh, slog, slog Whooosh! And it averages out to be about five pounds a month. That's niiiiice and Slooooooow in the grand scheme of things. Mostly the slogging happens when I make excuses for myself and don't follow the eating plan.

What time is it, and what will I be doing six months from now????? Shopping for a completely new fall wardrobe, I hope. At the rate I'm going, I ought to be at my goal weight by then. Even with the slogging.

I've decided that I have no desire to be a fitness buff. I just want to eat my smaller, healthier portions and go for my nice long but fairly gentle walks, and enjoy my life, digging in the dirt a bit, and mowing the yard when it needs it...that sort of thing. I would like to get a bike or a tricycle to get around some, but a part of me is scared of traffic.


Mimi said…
My Dh and dad are both bike riders, like you, I prefer terra firma.

You are doing awesome! Good job!

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