I LOVE that I got to say this today:

Heard coming from the back yard: "Moooooooom, such and so kicked me right in the BUTT!!!!"

My response: "So, TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!"



Philippa said…
Ah, the simple joys in life. Ya gotta love them!

Excellent come back Mom! 10 points for you.
H and S said…
I love that you got to say that!

BTW, how many Christians do you know that actually do that?
Alana said…
We try, Lord have mercy! We try!

But in particular, I can think of many saints whose lives are characterized by "turning the other cheek"...St. Tikhon among them.

It is certainly not foreign. And much of the time this teaching is obeyed quietly and without fanfare, and goes unnoticed.

And also the Amish, Mennonites and other "peace churches" like perhaps the Quakers, have particular emphasis on this teaching.

Before becoming an Orthodox Christian I was Mennonite.
Mimi said…
Bwahahahahahaha! I agree with Philippa - you DO get ten points.
elizabeth said…
you know that could of been a pun. HEHEHEE. sorry.

i really enjoy your posts about being a mother!
Anonymous said…
YES! TOO hilarious.

So, what's the difference between turning the other, er, cheek, and simply letting it go, I wonder.
Alana said…
I'd say it's about the same.

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