Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A "Get to Know You" Quiz

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Four Things about Me

A) FOUR PLACES I GO OVER AND OVER: Church; The library; The grocery store and the thrift store.

B) FOUR PEOPLE WHO ENCOURAGED MY FAITH ALONG THE WAY: My parents, Father David Rucker (and Matushka Rozanne!), Father Stephen Freeman, who chrismated me and my current priest, Father Justin Patterson. There are many others, but having a spiritual Father is SUCH a good thing!

C) FOUR OF MY FAVORITE FOODS: chocolate, biscuits, spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan cheese, and nachos.

D) FOUR PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT NOW: Bed, some beach somewhere, a really really comfortable bed, on vacation anywhere. Europe would be nice.

E) FOUR MOVIES I WOULD WATCH OVER AND OVER: Anything Jane Austen, Hunt for Red October, K19 Widowmaker, Ostrov.

F)FOUR THINGS I LIKE ABOUT THE ORTHODOX CHURCH: Jesus Christ being the Head, the Sacrament of Confession, The Sacrament of the Eucharist, and the Fasting/Feasting cycle in the life of the Church. Do I have to stop at only four things?

G) FOUR OF MY FAVORITE HOBBIES: reading a good book with a nice glass of wine; sewing; blogging; walking.

I can't wait to see who reposts this, if you do leave me a comment so I can check it out!


::Sevvi:: said...


So far you, Monica and myself need to get together to have a nice glass of wine and share a book! Hmmm....that's an idea, a book club. Now my wheels are turning!


Laura said...

I did it....


Mimi said...

I'm totally in on the wine thing! Great to get to know you better!

Michelle Melania said...

I did it too :) Oh, and add me to your blogroll, skinny pants!

I wanted to talk to you after church last night, but I didn't get a chance to. I walked into to church I am was so confused because I didn't recognize the person who was standing with your children: it was you! You look incredible. I am so proud of you!!

Alana said...

Oooh, thank you!

emily said...

I played!