Dreams and Wishes and Hopes

I don't normally allow myself to dream or to wish, so this is sort of like therapy for me.

-I dream about going to the beach for camping and resting. Why the beach? I don't know...but there it is. I want to look at the ocean. And build a sand castle. And get gritty and itchy.

-I wish I had a camera that worked, that I could take more pictures of my kids and life. I'm really bad at taking pictures and I'm desperately camera shy. I've started making friends with the photo booth on this mac, and the fact that I have a picture of my face posted on my blog is HUGE progress.

-I wish my back yard were mowed. And that dandelions did not grow so fast.

-I dream and wish and hope to deepen relationships and friendships, both new and old.

-I wish I had more time and energy to have people over for dinner more often.

-I wish for a fire pit in my back yard and for summer time weenie roasts.

-I wish my back weren't so messed up and that my knees did not hurt.

OK, that's enough for now. I find myself getting maudlin and realize I have not taken my meds this morning. This is, of course, not the full extent of my wishes and dreams, but some things are just too private for the internet.

And yes, I'm blogging from home on Holy Saturday. When I came home last night I knew I'd have to choose between this morning's Liturgy and tonight's Liturgy. Pascha wins.

But the birds and squirrels and gorgeous spring blooms are making my heart happy, having spent some time on the back porch enjoying them. And the iris bulbs that I planted last year are going to bloom this year! I'm so excited!!!


Laura said…
Enjoy your blooming. And...We go to Assateague State Park ever summer for a camping trip:


It is absolutely beautiful and peaceful! Come, and you can stop by and visit us on your way going or coming (or both)!
Anonymous said…
You have always been beautiful to me. You are an amazing woman. I love you dearly. I miss you like crazy. Wish and dreams are the driving force of goals.
Love, Joi
Mimi said…
It won for me too!

Prayers as you celebrate tonight!

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