Monday, April 07, 2008

Don't I Wish!

...and yet another day starts with a youngster informing us that she threw up in bed. The same youngster who was vomiting the other day. So much for our afternoon outing to a friend's house.

But the sun is shining, the coffee is strong, and the day awaits! How bad can it be, really? (This is what a pessimist sounds like who is trying to be optimistic). This way, I'll get further on the sewing work I'm supposed to be doing this week.

Does anyone feel overwhelmed yet, about how soon it will be Holy Week? Two weeks before the madness begins! A mere two weeks!

And then it's daily rushing hither and yon, wondering what to feed the kids as we madly dash out the door for yet another worship service. It's hoping that they manage to figure out something decent to wear. It's hoping I manage to figure out something decent to wear...not that anyone's keeping track, and not that it's about keeping up appearances...more like respect and please don't wear those torn up bluejeans.

There was a lady at the megachurch I attended as a teenager who would literally wear a brown burlap bag on Easter Sunday. It was her form of hippie protest against Easter Dresses. OK, I think she missed it, but then it's also easy to miss the mark in the other direction, too, and make Easter all about the old fashioned white gloves, pastel purses and dresses with a matching hat. It's not that, either.

The point of new clothes at Pascha is to recall and remember and relive our baptism. Our new life in Christ. Being clothed with garments of righteousness...that sort of thing. There is a time and a place for human celebration and that includes good food, good wine, good smokes and new clothes. And if there ever is such a time and a place, the Resurrection is that. And it's not "showing off".

So, it looks like I'll be sewing, or cutting out, some Pascha (that's the Orthodox word for Passover/Easter) dresses this afternoon. The sooner I start them, the sooner I'll be done.

I'm amazed at how much I'm craving chicken these days. Yes, I AM that base. Kentucky Fried. I suppose that lent has a way of stripping a person down to the nubbins. You really find out what's on the inside. And in my case, a great bit of it is wanting what I want when I want it (NOW!) and how I want it. How much further can I get stripped to the nubbins? I feel like since December my life has been one long stripping. But in truth it hasn't been. I mean, it could always be worse, couldn't it? I could have someone actually die, or we could loose everything in a house fire, or dh could lose his job...yes, it could always get worse.

But still, I want to mean it when I pray each day "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." I truly want to mean it. Or do I want to want to mean it? Something.


Mimi said...

Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon.

And, rushing hither and yon indeed- can you believe Holy Week is only two weeks away! Eeek.

maria said...

I LOVE the idea of the burlap bag on Easter. Unfortunately, I also LOVE those frilly Easter dresses. Maybe next year, Miranda and I can celebrate both sides of us...? Or am I just trying to have my cake and eat it too???

I'll be thinking about this.

Alana said...

Nah...Do the burlap bag, or its dynamic equivalent (I always wear black) on Holy Friday. Easter is for celebrating, not for protesting or mourning.