If I thought it was daunting to go through my closet yesterday and look at how things looked on me, today's axe had to swing as well: Colors.

Most of my clothes are of the hand-me-down variety. Very tasteful. Nicer than anything I could ever imagine. But from my very pale very blond friend. I, on the other hand, have gigantic almost-black eyebrows and dark brown hair. It took me a long time and much scrutiny to figure out what the undertones in my skin are. Warm, not cool.

So, I need to be wearing browns, creams, corals, olive...those sorts of colors. Not black. Not white. Not violet. Not blue.

And black has been my staple! Almost all my shoes, cardigans, artsy looking wrap, velvet tops...all in wash-me-out black.

And a great deal of violet and white. Colors that look just perfect on my friend. And Hideous on me.

No wonder I feel "ridiculous" so much of the time. I look in the mirror and I just don't fit myself.

Wednesday's are "family day" at the thrift store. Half off on most of the tags and 99 cents on all the others.

I procured a dress that will be turned into a brown skirt (to replace the numerous black ones I own), some tops in cream, brown, coral and one red one (in the right shade). And a long brown duster style sweater! And a linen summery at-home dress...also in a correct color.

Needless to say, these things actually look good on me. Oh, shock! I no longer feel ridiculous. And trying them on was a revelation: It's much less depressing to try on clothes when you pick the right styles and colors to begin with.

And it was all only twenty-one dollars. Thanks to the sale day at the thrift store.


Tabitha said…
Congratulations on your finds. I loved that thrift store when a bunch of us went there early Fall of '01 (I remember this because my eldest son was a tiny little thing strapped to my body!) Alas for fuel prices! Anyway, I sooo hear you about trying to wear things that just don't seem to suit you. It seems like I've been doing that forever. Some hand-me-downs are wonderful blessings, others need to bless somebody else! But don't throw out the bathwater yet, a skirt in the wrong color is far less tragic than a blouse would be. As long as the colors near your face are appropriate, you can glow even if your skirt is black! But by all means, if you don't like you in it, then don't keep it.
Alana said…
Good point about the skirts, Tabitha. Thanks for the reminder. I will rescue some of the black things I have.

I'm also attempting to rescue some of the white things I have with a dye bath of Tan rit dye. Worst case scenario, it looks bad and I'll get rid of it anyways. Best case, I can save some of my comfiest tops.
Amelia said…
Don't limit yourself to dye baths of tan for the blouses. You can use the rit color remover (double strength and let it sit overnight) and then re-dye in colors that better suit you.
H and S said…
HOORAY! That's exactly how i felt. Why did I look into my overflowing closet and say "I have nothing to wear"...? because most things were the wrong colour, made me feel awkward or ugly, and didn't suit me.
::Sylvia:: said…
I'm going to have to get this book too! Cardigans and long skirts do have a way of making us feel frumpy don't they? Still, I can't help but love them!
Lightfinder said…
Hey, if you are getting rid of stuff, I heard you might have a lovely sister who lives near by... Hm. *grin*

In other news, I always thought you looked very cool and bohemian... and your picture looks good too.
Alana said…
Oh yes, cardigans and long skirts are just sooooo comfortable!
Anonymous said…
You look 'lighter and brighter' already in the cream shirt in your new photo.

I read "Colour Me Beautiful" about 20 years ago and discovered to my chagrin I would never look good in salmon pink but, on the other hand, it was a relief not to look jaundiced anymore either.
Mimi said…
I have to admit, while I know my colors, sometimes I'll slide and wear more brown than I should. But, it's a dark rich brown, it should be ok!

Anyway, I'm so happy! Good for you!
Alana said…
Mimi, I would have thought you were a brown type. Shows what I know.

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