As you all can see, I started a blog roll. My blog reading is rather eclectic. Don't be offended if you aren't on there yet. I'm adding to it slowly, as I get organized. There are some really good blogs out there that quite put mine to shame.

Drop me a line if you are regular reader and want me to include a link to your blog.


Tamara said…
susan said…
i would like to be included.
John Nicholas said…
Dont look now, but your blog has been taken over by a large icon of the Myrh Bearing Women. Very nice.
Alana said…
Actually, it's St. Mary and St. Martha, with Jesus, of course. Appropos since this week Lazarus died, and also since they represent the two big "pulls" in my life.
Anita said…
I'm a regular reader. My blog is at and is about how to get out of debt. If you think it's not too out of place on your blog roll, please feel free to add it. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I read you too!! I am on myspace. I love reading your blog.


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