I was feeling very sick during Church this morning. Exhausted, but also my back was hurting very much, shooting pain down both my legs. I've not been to the chiropractor in too long a time. (I need to find a new one.)

After Liturgy, I asked Father Justin to anoint me with oil and pray for me. We quietly did that. He used oil from the vigil lamp of the grave of St. Xenia of Petersburg. We prayed to the Lord, of course. "...just as you healed Peter's mother-in-law..."

My back and leg pain went away, and I was able to help clean up after common meal.

I'm still going to lay down and try to sleep this afternoon, though.

Glory to Thee, O Lord! Glory to Thee.


Tabitha said…
Thanks be to God! Thank you for sharing your moment of miracle. It's good to be reminded that things like this can be going on right under my nose. It puts the mundane minutia in perspective.
Anonymous said…
Glory be to God!
I hope you are feeling well now.
maria said…
It was good to see you last night. You looked wonderful, sort of tall and statuesque. Something like that!
Alana said…
Well, I just got done mowing the lawn...Glory to God!
Anonymous said…
I am glad your back and leg pain went away so quickly. I haven't had any lupus for a long time but I know how horrible and wearing that is when it starts and won't stop.

I haven't been here for a long, long time but you look soooo much slimmer in your photo :-)
Mimi said…
Thanks be to God indeed! Prayers for a Blessed Holy Week for you and yours!

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