10% Goal!

Today I hit my initial "lose 10% of your starting weight" goal with weight watchers. I'm very happy, but also very aware that I still have a LONG way to go.


Joyful Days said…
I'm cheering for you!!
Mimi said…
Whohooooo! Yay! Doing the happy dance with you! Good job!
YEAH!!!!! I'm so proud of you! That is fantastic :)
Amy said…
Excellent! Are you finding it's like a spiritual discipline at all? Are you doing Flex or Core plan?
Alana said…

yes, this whole thing is also spiritual. Deliberate and learned repentance.

I'm trying to completely re-learn how to eat. I'm using the Core Plan. The twin components of the Core Plan that are simply REAL are: only eating when hungry, stopping when satisfied (still working on learning that one), and making excellent nutritious food choices. "Eat apples, not brownies," that sort of thing.

Core forces me to eat the way I know I should eat...It's teachig me to eat the way my naturally thin husband eats anyways. And it is revealing to me how much and how often I simply want something that tastes good rather than something that will nourish my body. Passions.

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