Friday, March 21, 2008

This is what happens...

...when I read good books: The pile is actually much bigger than it appears in the picture, but the good news is, these clothes are clean. And the sunlight slanting on them like a beatific vision just adds the right touch, don't you think?

And I've stuffed some of Fr. John Meyendorff's ideas into my brain.

Now where did I put my house elf?


Philippa said...

Actually, it is rather artistic in the mish-mosh of colors. :o)

When you find your house elf, may I borrow him to do the windows? Sigh.

Mimi said...

Yeah, send him my way too - I hate the picky housecleaning.

And, a good book is *so* worth it!

Anonymous said...

I am sending Twinky back to you immediately. I hope you have a fantastic Easter. As of April 5, we will be in Columbus for good. Woo Hoo!!!
Love, Joi