Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is what happens when I don't blog....

I just can't stand it. Must. Blog! Feels like I'm going to burst if I don't.

Last week, of course, was exhausting, but good nonetheless. There are some things it's worth it to get worn out on. I won't say more. But I am happy to report fitness levels improved to the extent that Forgiveness Vepsers did NOT make me sore!

It seems that my special work this lent is at my sewing machine. I have a huge pile of projects that MUST be done before Pascha: White paraments for my parish, three easter dresses and a baptismal gown for a baby who is being baptized in a few weeks.

Oh, I just love baby stuff. Especially in delicate white shantung silk. Baby's mother gave me free reign to be creative, but I think plain as can be, with that yummy silk is going to be the way to go. The bonnet is TDF, so tiny, and so soft. No brim, no adornment, just plain white silk inside and out.

The gown of course will be fully lined, plain short sleeves, and an overly long skirt gathered at the raised waist. Buttons in the back. No ribbons, frills, or lace. The fabric is just so light and flowy. Dare I embroider a wee white cross on the skirt? We shall see.

I'll probably have it done by the end of today.

Seems like I've wanted to blog about cooking, but now I can't remember what about. The contrast between the cooking at common meal at our parish (a row of crock pots full of bean soups) versus at the Antiochian parish where we visited on Sunday night for pan-orthodox vespers, is profound. They have spinach pockets, they have hummus and foul (pronounce "full"), this fantastic middle eastern fava bean dip, pita breads, fruit galore, etc. We have crockpots full of beans. I must learn some of their recipes, and then get in the habit of actually using them. There's the rub.

Lets see...what else is new in my life...? Jogging! I was out walking the other day and I leaned forward, and suddenly I was jogging. Did I mention that on another post? Sorry, I'm just so proud! And I sort of find my rhythm and keep going. Out of three miles, I'm only walking about four or five blocks.

I've lose 17.5 pounds so far on my current weight loss effort. Yes, I know, it's weight I gained last summer that I should not have gained, so it's not like it's a NEW 17.5 pounds, it's covering the same territory I seem to always be covering. Give me another few weeks and I'll be forging ahead towards some numbers I have not seen in over a decade. I can't even IMAGINE myself below a certain number that I must get below in order not to be overweight. And please, don't go giving me the "built this way, you look fine" speech. Just because people are used to me (heck, I'm used to me, too!) at a certain weight doesn't mean that's a healthy thing. So I forge ahead.

And all my ranting a raving against how much I hate Weight Watchers that I did last year or so...I totally take it all back. It's a great and wonderful program and it is really helping me.

Ok, enough about that subject.

Prayers appreciated about our health insurance company: They don't want to pay and they NEED to pay. They are just throwing up every roadblock in the book, trying to make our lives miserable and hoping that we give up. We won't give up. We will keep fighting them. Eventually they will pay. I guess their policies are beneficial to them in the long run because of all the people who don't fight back, but I can say that if ever I have a chance to NOT use Humana, I will. I'm not in love with the health savings account/high deductible situation, either, even though my dh's company pays into our HSA, because our current monthly medical expenses outweigh what's going in. The whole system is so broken and meds are so expensive to boot. I wish my family weren't so sick, but that can't be helped.

Ok, moving on.

We dug up some dirt, and spread around some gorgeous compost that we've been working on for a while now, and planted spinach seeds yesterday. We have tomato and pepper seedlings going indoors. I say we. I should say "B", my oldest. She's our gardener. The other kids helped a bit. I only offered suggestions about what needed to be done. I have visions of turning our wee little back yard into a food growing zone: Berry bushes, herbs, vegetables galore, and way less grass to mow. But this year we start with four small squares. It is a beginning.

If I had to think of some words to describe what I hope will be my lenten journey, it would be repentance (of course), humility, and joy. The repentance part, yes, lent is always about that. Humility...embracing the ordinary and finding God's presence there. And joy, because for the past year I've been experiencing depression, and I've finally identified it and am trying to fight back.


Mimi said...

I am so glad to read this update, good, bad, and ugly (sorry about the insurance. bah!)

And, hey, how hard is putting in a new zipper? Are you interested in doing one on a hoodie?

Alana said...

Zippers...I'd have to see it to know if it would be do-able or not. Theoretically it's possible.

Would I be interested in doing a zipper? Hmmmmm. I just don't know. For sure not until this other stuff is out of the way.

Michelle Melania said...

I've enjoyed this post so much. Thank you for sharing with us. I feel so out of the loop now with everyone. David is sick now, so I'll be missing more church, which is not ideal this season of the year, but such is life. Sometimes it is hard, though, to realize that what I am doing (staying home and tending to my sick child) is actually serving God. The same way that attending the Liturgy in the way that I am forced to do is actually serving God...well, I have gone off an a tangent. This is what happens when I am trapped in my house for too many days in a row.

So how about that coffee??

Lightfinder said...

Go and watch "Sicko". The documentary by Micheal Moore. I know, I know. People have opinions about him and stuff, but it is both one sided and also very informative. It simplifies and illuminates the curruption of America's Healthcare and Insurance system.