Things Depressed People Do

Eat too much...OK, that's not an option.

Consume chocolate: In the form of homemade sugar free hot cocoa. Perhaps I should have some now!

Try and fight it: prayers...check. Exercise...check.

Drink wine: Not really much of an option. (the whole calorie thing).

Take a nap: tried that.

Cry: did that.

Do strange things with their hair: Contemplating this. It keeps getting shorter and shorter. I've promised I wouldn't take the clippers to my own head again, but I never said anything about scissors, and I could get pretty darned short with those, too.

I'm dreaming of maroon.

Would that be ridiculous? My friend, Lisa, is a cool and artsy type and totally has the funky hair color thing going on and it rocks. And she's like, six years older than I am. Perhaps she can get away with it because she's cute and all that.

I'm more of the oaf type than she is.

Sometimes I wish I were one of those black women. You know the style...with the super short hair, and the gorgeous skin and the DRAMA.

But it's just me...bad skin. White, with scars, acne AND wrinkles.

Geeeez, I'm depressed! I should really keep it to myself better than this. But here I am, shouting it from the rooftop of my blog.

I'm sad because a dear friend is moving away. Tomorrow. This is the second friend of mine who has moved this past year.

And I'm sad because my daughter is sick. There, I said it.

And I'm sad because I have this horrid panicked feeling that I'm forgetting something although I don't think I'm forgetting anything.

Oh, and the other thing depressed people do: Take pictures of themselves when they look really bad, have been crying and are just up from a nap with bed head and post it on their blog.

I still want maroon hair.


Anonymous said…
I just wrote a post about the hair, but about the forgetting -- try brainstorming? Write down every single thing you can think of that you need to do, know, take care of, etc., wait a few minutes, then come back and write more. Try to write at least 100 things, even if a lot of them are things like dye-hair-maroon that you don't really NEED to do but are just thinking about.

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