Stressed and Distracted

For some reason, I feel like this week and last week I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. (My mom used to say that, and no doubt her mother and her mother did, too.) Nowadays, chickens with their heads cut off don't run. They are usually hanging upside down in a meat processing plant. But I digress...

I've had so much on my plate. And I don't really like the feeling that I'm forgetting something. And I keep forgetting to write things down and so at least three times this week I've accidentally doubled up on commitments because I'd forgotten about some other thing.

This is SO not normal for me. Usually my life is quite the opposite. So I'm hoping things will slow down just a little bit soon.

And my oldest is acting like she's getting worse again, and perhaps coming down with something (which can make the whole catatonic phenomenon worse).

I enjoyed shopping at Aldi's today. So did everyone else from this end of town. I liked bagging my own groceries. Milk was only $2 per gallon.

Sometime soon I'm going to create some Core friendly biscotti.

And I lost over two pounds this past week.


Anonymous said…
Alana, I love your blogs--but I am a bit prejudiced. You see, I am your mother. Two unrelated points that tie in to this entry: A MUST READ--an article from The Week, February 22, 2008, "It's all downhill from here," page 40. It is about aging, etc.

And the chicken with its head off is not running--it is flopping around, slinging blood everywhere. Your grandmothers (both sides) had to do that before they had fried chicken--wring the head off, scald and pluck, cut up, flour and fry. Thank God for processed chickens. I love you and enjoy your blogs immensely.

Your beloved mother.
P.S. Your Dad adds that he has seen a headless chicken running on its feet, falling and flopping, then up on the feet running again. I must trust his word because he is an honest man. :)

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