Political Protest Rally

I did say to a friend earlier that today was my first ever political protest rally, but now I recall I did some kind of march thingy in Switzerland when I was about the age some of my kids are now. I remember marching, banners, etc. but I don't remember the cause.

I hope my kids remember this cause, though. Because it's so important.

People gathered today on the steps of our State Capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky to agitate for the passage of the "Stream Saver" act, that would make it impossible for Mountain Top removal mining to continue destroying habitats, property, clean water sources and people's lives, not to mention MOUNTAINS here in Kentucky. I guess Tennesseeans and West Virginians will have to do their own agitating, since it is a state by state loophole-to-federal-laws situation.

But here's the thing: The headwaters of the ENTIRE eastern seaboard are in the Appalachian Mountains. Respect the mountains, people.

But Big Coal has big money and big money can buy the politicians, and so it goes, and the people don't get represented. And the people are getting MAD.

I was yelling and whooping and hollering along with the rest of everyone, and holding up a homemade sign that said: "Mountains Don't Grow Back!"

We got to hear Wendell Berry give a very excellent speech. People like him make me proud to be a Kentuckian.

And the children got cold and miserable. There were lots of speeches, singing and a big crowd. Next year we'll go again.

And this morning on the way to Weight Watcher's, I fell on the ice, and landed on my knees and wrists. Throb, throb. But I'm SO GRATEFUL that I did not land on my butt!!!! With my bad back, that would have truly been horrid. So, thanks be to God for protecting me.

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John Nicholas said…
So glad you did not break anything in the fall! I fell HARD on the ice about 10 years ago or so and have never been the same since.
H and S said…
One thing that's really great about Australia is that politics isn't so connected to money. Being a politician just doesn't pay that much. It's a decent wage but it's nothing like being a CEO or successful business owner. Anyone can become a politician in Australia if they are committed and talented and work hard. Money just doesn't have that much to do with it.
Nonetheless we still exploit our natural environment as much as the next country, I suppose...

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