Playing with Dolls

Yesterday, B and I found a couple of huge bags of assorted yarns at the thrift store. Someone clearly had cleaned out their stash. Now it has become OUR stash. It's fun to have a box full of "play yarns" (in browns, blues, pinks, greens, beiges, black and one ball of bright red) and it reminds me of the bins of yarns at school, in my hand-crafting class, that my teacher had all neatly balled and sorted according to color. (Yes, it's all very quaint to think about, but that WAS Switzerland, and it WAS more than a quarter of a century ago. Egads! I'm OLD!)

My hope is that I can teach my kids how to do yarn-crafts like knitting and crochet. So far I'm only 25% successful. My son thinks it's too girly and my eleven year old would rather read a book. My youngest does some crocheting, but seems reluctant to move past the chaining stage. Sigh. B on the other hand, taketh after her mom.

In order to inspire them, I'm whipping up a cute cardigan to fit an 18" doll. It's beige with blue stripes.

See, the next level of playing with dolls is making clothes for them. And that happens with scraps and bits, often wonkily cut and patched together with needle and thread. I did my fair share of that sort of thing when I was a kid.

But then it can be taken to an even higher level and actually be done for real. High quality, heirloom-worthy fun.

I'll be raiding my Grandmother's button collection for this little cardigan when I'm done. And I think a blue skirt with a beige stripe around the hem will complete the outfit.

Dare I knit some doll tights? Crochet a matching hat?

Well, I'll post a picture of what I come up with when it's all completed.


Philippa said…
I still have some of the crocheted sweaters my Grandmom made for my dolls and a few of the rugs she made for my dollhouse.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
gemma said…
So adorable. My aunt used to knit and crochet and her mother, my grandmother taught me to at a very very young age. It has kept me well for all these many years. I just found a bunch of what we used to call storybook dolls in my cellar. My aunt crocheted all the outfits and they were so beautiful when I washed them out. I sent them to my cousin for her daughters to have. Great heirlooms for sure.
Bluecanopy said…
oh i do look forward to doing these sorts of more advanced things with my kids...because i love doing them myself. too many diapers for crocheting right now. ahh, seasons.

happy stitching!
Anonymous said…
How fun! Love it when you find the thrift store stash. I also figured out that if you want nifty buttons, you can spend $2 for a random blouse with cool buttons at the thrift store rather than pay $10 for 2 cards of buttons at Jo-Ann's. You can turn the blouse into cleaning rags.

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