Boring and Painful Back Exercises

...inwhich she eats a bit of crow...

I dutifully did those boring and painful exercises today. The first 3 exercises hurt like the dickens, just like they did yesterday. But then I moved on to other ones, equally boring and painful. But they didn't hurt my back so much as things like knees and wrists...supporting body parts.

OK, so I KNOW I"m obese and this makes it difficult to hold up my body weight and all that...hence the extra pain...

But I have to admit, my back feels better for having done ALL the exercises. And perhaps those "Fire Hydrants" (yes, it IS what you imagine!) will shrink my butt over the long haul. So it's not all bad.

Oh, WAIT! NO! I'M NOT OBESE ANYMORE...merely OVERWEIGHT!!!! I lost two more pounds this week, for a total of eleven and a half or so.

So, me and my crappy muscles are heading in the right direction.

If I keep up these hideous back benders, eventually I may be able to tolerate yoga.


Lightfinder said…
Have you considered Orientale Dance?
Really good for spine and quite low impact. =)
Alana said…
At this point I will consider anything and everything to keep myself moving, push myself physically, and keep my workouts varied. I'm SO embarrassed to be this out of shape.

Of course, I do have an excuse...

And I'm enjoying Tae Bo. Yesterday's workout was better than the day before.

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