Yummy Muffins and Pyrophilia

B made some very yummy stevia sweetened apple muffins today. Very healthy. The recipe is at stevia.com and has whole wheat flour, oats, apple chunks, applesauce, and of course, stevia. We made the fat free version, so it was only 1 point each when I put it through the recipe analyzer at weightwatchers.com. That made me happy, since the muffins were actually very good. This is the first time that a stevia sweetened baked good turned out. It pays to follow a real recipe instead of trying to wing it.

What made me even more happy, though, was that B made the muffins all on her own. Her first venture back into the kitchen since she got sick.

I only ventured into the kitchen to cook lunch and dinner today.

I've also discovered something one can do to rescue unburned candle was if the wick fizzles out too soon: stick a match down in the wax as deep as you can cram it, and light it. Wood acts as a wick and will burn for quite some time. It's totally ghetto, but the neat thing is, you can cram several matches into the wax of a ruined candle and have a nice little inferno going. Pyrophilia. If you do enough of them, there might be marshmallow roasting possibilities.

I went a-visiting someone yesterday afternoon, the upshot of which was a cup of coffee consumed at 4 pm and then reading until 3 am from the resultant great awakening.

So now a mountain of laundry to fold before I can fall asleep. And I'm sooo sleepy!


Anonymous said…
you look so pretty in your picture

Mimi said…
So, um, what did you read?

The muffins do sound good.
Alana said…
nothing worth mentioning...some romance novel or other. I loose track.

Thanks for the compliment, Jasmine!

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