How do you love your enemies, when your enemy is a big EVIL insurance company who is doing everything in its power to deny your very legitimate and needful (yet very large and ongoing) claim????

I'm thinking that at some point a loving letter from a loving lawyer might be in order....

Meanwhile, I cannot forget what I heard Father Stephen Freeman say one time: Be kind to everyone.
It seems like it must be difficult to concentrate and communicate when the only thing standing between you and being catatonic is a thrice-a-day pill.

I often wonder what the other kids think of their sister's illness. I have tried to get them to talk about it but they don't really. I think my kids are at least very kind to one another, for the most part.

The kitty cats are fighting today. And it's very cooooold outside. A lovely morning snow storm graced our area, but unfortunately for the kids, yet again it's melting off before they have a chance to get out in it.

My coffee, which I forgot to drink this morning keeps getting cold. I keep trying.

I love the feeling of just having come back from the grocery store, and there's lots of good food in the house. I'll love it even more when I get off this computer and go clean the kitchen. Now THAT will be nice. Freshly baked bread, something hot to drink.

I also like in when I have a hundred forty dollars to spend, and my grocery tab comes to $139.50.

Somehow, despite the cold, I can hear a flock of birds outside in the honeysuckle bushes singing their little hearts out. Perhaps it keeps them warm. I like it.

I organized my tea shelf: chammomile, peppermint, lemon zinger, raspberry zinger, decaf, regular black tea, hot chocolate mix, diet hot chocolate mix, xylitol packets, stevia packets, honey, and an assortment of generic crystal lite type things. A new one my daughter spotted at the store this morning: Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf tea. She says it's good. I was going to have some, but then I realized that the label says it contains peanuts. Bummer. But I'm glad there's something nice for her and whoever else wants some.

Weight Watchers this morning: I didn't loose any weight this week, but that's what happens when I don't track for the first four days of the week, isn't it? This week I must do better. I struggle along and keep trying. At least I have identified some bad habits, and some questionable habits to be working on. And I won't give up. Blarch. I wish it were easier.


Liz in Seattle said…
Fr. Stephen said, "Be kind to everyone." My take on this, in your situation, is that you (generic, not specifically you) should be kind to everyONE. You are battling a company, a bureaucracy. Granted, the decisions are made by people, but I hope (perhaps in vain) that they're only making the decisions that they feel comply with their policies. But if you met one of those people on the street, that would be a different issue.

I'm saying this stuff because I've battled an insurance company, in vain, for multi-thousand dollar therapies for my eldest. So I guess I'm talking mostly to myself. I'm SO not walking in your shoes. Maybe I should just listen to my own words. You'd be amazed at the invectives that poured from my mouth when the final decision came down. Oh, and the tears flowed too.

Hang in there, my friend. May God's mercy pour upon you and your sweet girl.
Tabitha said…
People sometimes ask me if not having insurance for myself and my husband worries me. I suppose it does, especially when one of us gets bronchitis or something equally small and has to go to the doctor and we don't have any room in the budget for it. However, the number of times in my life that I have been, met or heard of people being denied coverage or dropped from their companies just when they really needed it or because the doctor-recommended treatment doesn't fall within their normal parameters makes me feel differently. I realize that they are money-making corporations and that certain ailments can wreak havoc on their bottom lines. Nevertheless, isn't that exactly why we are willing to pay for it in the first place? I always thought we were paying them to take the risk for us! There aren't any good answers. Lord have mercy and may He himself provide.

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