I'm not saying it well at all...

I'm staring to think that God does not need us to be healed physically or mentally. He does not need us to be whole, functionsl, cool, with-it, able-bodied, or any of that stuff.

What has the cross got to do with anything like that? He heals us to reveal Himself to us. But sometimes he doesn't, for then there's the blood of all the martyrs. Where was their victory? Their healing? Their witness?

In the very blood they shed.

They sure weren't functional or physically whole in the end. But they were faithful. And that is the witness.

And this faithfulness...supernatural faithfulness...this love for God no matter what the circumstances...this is what it's all about. That pearl of great price. (I"m not saying it very well at all.)

I was talking with a weeping B the other day and I reminded her of that thing that St. Paul wrote, about neither depth nor height...things below or things above, etc...that nothing can separate us form the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I would include neither paranoid delusions or hallucinations can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Nothing. And she cried "Good!" tears streaming down her face. She can still be the handmaiden of the Lord.

I learned this when my fibro was really bad. Neither lack of energy or total body pain could separate me from God. For now, God has strengthened me for this current trial. I'm not so naive as to think that just because this is happening, that my family and I will henceforth be immune from other difficulties, trials, crosses. But any small mercy is always welcome.

But God doesn't NEED us to be well. He doesn't need anything from us, really. And perhaps knowing this makes the surrender all the easier. This is about love rather than about success, health, happiness, wealth accumulation.

I'm really not saying it well at all. The point is, union with God. That is our only healing. And God doesn't need for us to be physically healed for that, although ultimately in the resurrection we will be.


Joyful Days said…
I think you said it very well. And it really was something I needed to read tonight.

Continued prayers,

Anonymous said…
Well said! I agree 100%. We were not put on this earth to be perfect. We were put here to be tested and tried. Through our faith and love in our Savior will we be perfect when our race is complete.
Endure to the end.
Love, Joi
Laura said…
I get it. You daughter is blessed to have you as a Mom.

God be with you!
gemma said…
I think you're saying it beautifully.
Liz in Seattle said…
Thanks...I needed to hear that.
Mimi said…
Amen! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Very well said indeed.

And, I think many great saints have experienced God through hallucination specifically. St. John leaps to mind. Hugs to B. Thinking of you all.
pastor1 said…
Deep theological insights are born usually/only out of suffering. Amazing! Lovingly, Your Dad
TS said…
Thank you for posting that; you very beautifully expressed something I needed to hear. Glory to God!

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