Flesh Eating Plants!

We had a very fun lesson in botany yesterday. It was all about Venus Flytraps, Pitcher Plants, Bladderwort, and the Sundew. Carnivorous plants, to be precise.

This morning, I realized the lesson had not discussed at all how these plants reproduce, so I decided to look it up. My guess was that the traps are not the flowers, and I was correct.

There's lots of good information at anyone's fingertips via google, and I particularly enjoyed this site . Perhaps you will, too.

Now, owning a venus flytrap plant is definitely on our wish list. There's a nice website that sells and ships the plants, once the weather warms up.

I am in awe at the ecological diversity alive on this planet. Venus flytraps, for instance, are native to the Carolina coasts, and that is it. Unfortunately their habitat has been ravaged by golf courses. Fortunately they are grown in other places now as well. I could say something deep and theological here, but I think I'll just be silent.


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