Artisan Bread

I found a video clip on line yesterday at the Chicago Tribune. I'm having trouble posting the link. For some reason it won't go through.

But it's on making what is being called "Artisan Bread" but what I call "Baslerbrot".

The kind of bread I grew up eating. Hey mom and dad, it's "Baslerbrot"! I promise.

I made up a double batch of the dough and it is now living in my fridge. The kids are insisting that I stop buying that nasty store bought bread. And every day a hot loaf comes out of the oven.

And the lovely thing about it is: no kneading. It literally takes minutes.

I no longer want a birthday cake this week. Who needs it when there's this kind of bread to be had? Go check out the link. Seriously. I hope you can get it to work.


T. said…
I found the recipe by searching the website for "Artisan bread." I'll definately be trying this - I love the idea that the dough keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!

I found your blog on Victoria's blog..I used to go to St. Herman's, and am at All Saints on the island now :-).
T. said…
Woops - I found your blog on Bev's blog!! Mixed up!

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