And to Top it All Off

I got a bit less grumpy after my prayer time yesterday. I'd had a pot of black bean chili going in the crockpot and successfully made some corn muffins with a can of pumpkin, two cups of cornbread mix, a bit of sweetener and a bit of water (my son gobbled them up, unaware of the sneaky pumpkin!). So, that was nice.

I even had a good time at Bible Study. A few of us went out for coffee afterwards and sat around and laughed and joked, and it was fun.

And then, in the car on the way home I realized that the ruby had fallen out of my engagement ring! I've had that ring for sixteen years.

I think Wes was sadder about it than I was, when I came home and told him. Of course my friends and I had searched the car, the parking lot and the coffee shop, and I left a message with the guy working at the coffee shop, but I think that ruby is gone, gone, gone! A stone like that is way smaller looking out of it's setting, and may be difficult to spot.

But it's OK, it really is. I think the Holy Spirit has been preparing me for loosing it. Like, a niggling thought over the past few months when I've looked at my ring..."It's gonna get lost" I wasn't too surprised or anything.


Anonymous said…
Oh no!!!!! BUMmer. There's nothing much to say but that, about losing a piece of special jewelry. It's not like you can replace it even if you buy a new one. Shucks.

Glad you had a nice time in the evening, though.
--Theodora (unable to log in for some reason)
Mimi said…
Oh dear. I'm so sorry.

And, Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend!
Lightfinder said…
Hey! Happy freakin' birthday!!

Love ya...
elizabeth said…
this is a disappointment. praying for you and many years on your birthday. you are a child of God and are very loved.

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