My daughter is still sick. The hospital is wonderful, facilities, staff, set up, doctors, all of it. The MRI came out clean, the CT came out clean. Nothing showed up on the EEG. (But they might do a 24 hour long one at some point.) Her neurological symptoms are getting worse and she's experiencing delirium. I'm staying with her, mostly, and don't have access to the computer while there.

It's like a medical mystery...like a House M.D. episode, only the doctors are nice people who care about the patients, who listen well, and who are actually rather cautious. In real life they don't throw meds at a situation willy nilly the way they do on that show. But the show is still fun to watch.

Actual life in the hospital: I've beaten a track between our room and the coffee pot. I raid the clean linens closet on a regular basis and I'm the one helping with the bathroom trips when I'm there. I'm sure the nurses all love me for it. UK feeds the parents as well as the kids, and now that I know how to fold out the couch properly, I can actually get comfy there. (The first night included distorted contortions on a half sized couch bed.) Staying in the hospital does include lots of waking up in the night to help a moaning and groaning girl, or to chat with the nurse who does the vitals, that sort of thing.

But I know the chaplain personally and all the doctors and residents are so pleasant.

She could be in a while, figuring out what's going on and then treating it. My mom is coming to take care of the kids. Thank God for her! My Church family has been wonderful, too. We can feel everyone's prayers and support. Keep 'em coming. I'll update again when I can. I promise I won't leave you all hanging.


Laura said…
We'll keep praying!
Anonymous said…
We'll keep praying! Thanks for the update.
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy!

Remembering you and B. in prayer
Elizabeth said…
Prayers will continue for Bethany, your family and the doctors & nurses caring for her.

Thanks for the update.

Take care of yourself, too, Alana !!
Joyful Days said…
I came back to see if there was an update. Continuing prayers.
Mimi said…
Lord have Mercy. I have no words, only prayers.
Ruth said…
We're all thinking about you all and praying for ou over at Orthodox Classics. I'm glad the hospital staff is treating you well.
Dollymama said…
Praying for you guys!!
Brenda said…
I just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. I lived at a hospital for two months when my son was 16 months old. I know all about raiding the linens and helping nurses take care of a child. May Gods grace be with you mightily. It is amazing the peace and care He gives in times like this.

In Christ,

Brenda in Colorado
Liz in Seattle said…
Just so you know, we're still praying for Bethany, and all of you.
Anna-Paraskeva said…
What an Advent adventure! I pray to St. Anthony when I need to find something, and I ask him to help you find both cause and cure for Bethany! St. Nicholas pray! and St. Spyridon too! St. Panteleimon, and St. Nektarios, and St. Anastasia, the medicine woman.
We are taking down the vigil lamp as I type, to fill and light for your daughter.
gemma said…
I'm praying and hope all is well
gemma said…
Praying still and checking regularly.

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