A New Beginning

Well, I gained so much weight in December that I might as well count today as a new start. Me and everyone else in America, no doubt. I did learn something: That I rely far too much on food and drink for comfort, rather than turning to the Heavenly King....

I got to go to Vespers by myself this evening. B was having a rough day and so Wes stayed home with her and the other kids so I could go out to tea with some friends after prayers. I was hoding Ian (he's about 9 months old) during the service, and St. Herman helped him to calm down. I think St. Herman likes little wigggly baby boys. It was worth it to hold wiggly little Ian, though, because his mother got then to sing in the rather dimished choir this evening, and she has the voice of an angel. So beautiful to hear her sing.

Today was Wes' birthday. He's 38. I'll tease him mercilessly until I turn 38, three weeks from now. Just kidding. I think we are both feeling the whole "middle age" thing. I've got my resolution to loose weight, and he realizes that he needs to exercise for various health reasons. The family had cake and ice cream and I had a weight watchers thingy. I'd rather it have been sugar free, I think.

For Christmas I ended up getting a pedometer...a really good one, from Weight Watchers, and a walking DVD kit, and a tracker book. The pedometer has so many different cool modes. Among other things, it tracks my steps, tells me how far and also tells me at the end of the day how many activity points I've earned. I learned from it today that I am way less active than my imagination leads me to believe. It's hard to get in 10,000 steps, let me tell ya! My total so far today is at 9371 and that's with going for two walks, AND a trip to the grocery store AND chasing or bouncing Ian around at vespers. It's nice to have goals, though. Bald honesty is refreshing to the soul.

God have mercy, it's good to go to confession. I won't share details, of course, but darn it, it's good to go!

Please keep praying for my daughter. She's still having some huge struggles each day. Hallucinations, visual and auditory. Some scary stuff. Typically such a crisis can last around six months. If so, we almost have the first month down. Pray for us. God, have mercy.

So that's the update. I got fat again in December, like I said. I didn't gain back ALL the weight I'd lost, though. And I did learn some things about myself. So not all is a waste. God, have mercy.

Perhaps I'll do a year-end summary post like I did last year, before January 1st.


Anonymous said…
How funny, Alana, I got a pedometer for Christmas too. Unlike yours,though, mine still sits in the package. You want to hear something scary.....I have a picture of the two of us on my 18th birthday, and one from yours. It is hard to believe that was 20 years ago.
We can work on our diets together.
Miss you terribly!!!
Love, Joi

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