Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Review

This has been a year of not going anywhere. Just home, Church, and the grocery store for the most part.

Each time we had travel plans, they got canceled.

Wes started working for Appriss in the Summer, after contracting there for about seven months.

Commute to Louisville every day.

Months of me without a vehicle.

Summer at the pool down the street.

My fibromyalgia is WAY BETTER than it used to be. So is my hypoglycemia. Thanks be to God, and the guaifenesin protocol. I'm firmly convinced that it is the Holy Spirit who inspired doctors and scientists to make helpful and life-giving discoveries and breakthroughs with medicine and knowledge. Glory to God for all things.

Homeschooling all four kids now, instead of just the three youngers. Loving how our family life is. Kids loving each other, being kind and peaceful.

Kids learning German! How cool is that????

Jessamine county homeschool coop for Biology and P.E. in the fall. Still debating about what the spring semester will look like.

After-Christmas trip to Missouri cancelled. Boo sniff.

Weaned B off her meds in the spring. She seemed to be doing well...we thought.

GFCF diet attempt. SCD diet attempt. Psychosis.

B getting sick in December is definitely the low-light of the year. Nine days in UK hospital. Back on meds, this time for good, perhaps.

E is into Pokemon. Why, oh why did we ever put a deck in his Pascha basket???

M is a huge bookworm: Fanatsy fiction and a Garfield fan.

A loves to draw and is very good at it.

Harry Potter, book 7!

Getting to know and love our new priest and his family! Definitely one of the good parts of 2007.

Teaching a class and leading music at Vacation Church School at the Greek Orthodox Church...a good part.

Sunday morning kid's singing time at our parish.

Lovely toddlers and babies at Church to hold sometimes.

A baptismal gown and an altar cloth to sew.

Struggling with my weight, but not hard enough, obviously, since I gained weight in 2007 and didn't really start trying to do something about it until late in the year. Oh the passions!

Weight Watchers. It's like Orthodoxy: It has hooks to hang the struggle on. Structure, and a plan.

Feeling middle aged. A husband who has to worry about his cholesterol and me overweight. Sigh.

New friends: Lisa, Lisa, Elizabeth, Heidi, etc.

Wednesday night Bible Study at Communality. Such precious people!

Husband went on a men's retreat to Holy Cross Hermitage monastery. Wonderful for him. (A direct fruit of ROCOR and Moscow's healing, felt all the way into this end of the earth.) Now the monks are praying for my daughter and sent us some gifts, via Father Justin. What a blessing!

New next door neighbors: A smiling older couple who gave us a plate of Christmas cookies with a Christian Christmas card on it. Must return the joy for New Year with a loaf of sweet bread.

Discovering the joys of crocheting.

Back porch prayer space with icons and a sleeping bag, candle and a mug of something hot.

Matins with the birds.

Kids are all outgrowing their clothes. Do they PLAN to all be in a growth spurt at the same time????

God is good. It's just all life, isn't it?


Mimi said...

I'm glad you had a good year! Prayers continue.

John Nicholas said...

Learning German, huh? Well, they have a good teacher!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Can you describe the sleeping bag/back porch arrangement in more detail in case I decide to copy a little? Jasmine