Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Walking in the Rain

I've been really busy and have not really had any whispers from God these past few days. That's probably for the best.

I've had to do my walking in the rain, these past three days. I was so grateful today that it was not a downpour, but rather a misting sprinkle, since the air temps are in the 50's, which feels cold right now. Having been in the 100's and 90's for so many moons and then still hot until just this week, it seems like a sudden onset of fall weather. (Our bodies are not adjusted. My kids are convinced it is freeeeezing!)

The rain is welcome. Our reservoirs have been distressingly low.

The first day of walking in the rain was pure joy. The air was warmish and I relished every step. Splashing, drops in my eyes, streaming down my face. Perhaps I looked happy with a dog-riding-in-a-car-with-his-head-out-the-window expression. That's how I felt.

Yesterday was colder, but dstill fun. It rained even harder and I was happily soaked to the bone. Oh, what an adventure! By mile three I didn't even have to bother with avoiding the puddles, since my feet were already wet.

Today, I just wasn't in the mood. One of those "force myself" days to begin with, even under the best of conditions. But I went anyway. For an hour. In the chill damp wetness that is today. Gray and alone with troubled thoughts turned into prayers. My black polar fleece jacket was enough to keep myself dry today.

I'm very aware of the ups and downs of my moods, and the fickleness that is the essence of me. I think St. James was writing about me when he admonished believers not to be blown and tossed about.

So, that is my point of growth these days: Steady, keep on keeping on, doing the right thing no matter how I feel. No matter my mood.

And it's not just with my "spiritual life" that I need to learn this, but also in other areas. I had a good week with Weight Watchers this past week. A very good first week. So much enthusiasm, so much energy. That energy will wane. And so will the enthusiasm.

And then I will need to keep on keeping on. Because that is what repentance looks like.

Ain't that the way it is with everything, though?

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