Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Things

*I utterly have no desire to finish reading the book I was on. Nor to pick up the next one in the same genre.

This is leaving me feeling somewhat restless, but I gar-on-tee you that my house will be cleaner as a result. (I'm one of those readers who can totally get lost in a book and only come up for food...air optional. Not so good when I'm the homeschooling mom of four kids.)

What to read? I like John Nicholas' suggestion of the Psalms, but I think I'm going to plow through the New Testament first.

*New friends: I'm being blessed. That's all I'm going to say about that. I'm so bad at the beginning of a friendship. Never quite know where the lines are or what to do. But I'm muddling along, and I'm grateful for the ladies in my Bible Study.

*New chance to serve: I've volunteered to become co-leader of the Lexington Fibromyalgia Recovery Group. The Guai protocol works. I'll be there to open the room on occasion, sing it's praises and help newbies get started on the protocol.

*New workout: I dusted off my dumbells about a week ago. Those are seeing action again. Without neglecting my walking.

*Nativity Fast is just around the corner. Time to get quiet. I'm looking forward to it.

*We have a new motherboard on our furnace. The nice repair man even let us keep the old one, and showed us the burnt out spots and the jiggly bits. Now our house is warm.


Mimi said...

Congratulations on your opportunities. I didn't realize furnaces had motherboards, but awesome you have a new one!

John Nicholas said...

My brother's propane furnace had $600 worth of motherboard stuff in it. Ouch!
Working furnaces are a blessing! Kinda like going to sleep in the old country with a big pile of wood outside the cabin. I don't like the first time furnaces turn on after being idle all summer - sometimes they smell like they are going to burn the house down or something!