Well, looks like I shouldn't have ANY trouble getting my HSA to pay for Weight Watchers since I was diagnosed with both Obesity AND Hypertension today.

So that explains those palpitations and that shortness of breath I've been experiencing.

My caregiver said that if my BP does not drop with weight loss, I'll have to be put on meds. I should check it regularly at the grocery store thingy.

No wonder I've been feeling older lately. Gone are the days when my weight does not affect my health. My knees hurt, my BP is us, I can feel pressure in various places and pulls on various ligaments.

So, I will NOT listen to my friends when they tell me I look good for my height, or when they say I carry my weight well. I will listen to my body which is clearly telling me I do NOT carry it well at all.

Pray for me.


Despite what you say, you DO look good! Better than I look and you've had two more children than I've had.

Day two is going well so far.. but I am always so stinkin' hungry! What is the deal? Nursing has really changed things. I remember WW being so much easier pre-children.
Alana said…
When I say I don't carry it well, I was thinking of my elevatd BP, and my aching knees, etc.

On the breastfeeding: As I recall, I ate ALL my points and then some and still was able to loose weight when I was breastfeeding. At least until the baby started solids, then I needed somewhat less food. I remember eating a snickers bar at a Weight Watcher's meeting because I was so hungry and it was still within my points budget, and I was getting SO many dirty looks from the other ladies there. He he he.

Are you using all your points?
Kimberly said…
Alana, I am going to pray for you. I too am a little overweight and I get frustrated. I try to remember something that I think is very simple. Don't put unhealthy things in my mouth. If I take in less, and move around a little more, I will lose that annoying weight.

People that love you are going to tell you you look good because you do! But the weight is another issue.
Anonymous said…
Let's pray for each other on this constant weight and health battle. I know how you feel. I am just over the threshold, once again, of my weight, where I start having a lot of pain and the carpel tunnel syndrome and all that. It's disappointingly familiar.
Jasmine said…
Woops, that last one was me, Jasmine.

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