I like the Photo Booth

I like the fact that I can actually get pictures of myself that don't make me want to scream in horror and run away. I'm very camera shy, and this tool lets me be more in control.


So, here are some, from yesterday. My age is showing, especially around my eyes, if you look closely. You know what? THAT'S OK!

I'm pushing 40 (got a couple of more years to do the pushing) but I have to say that this phase of life is feeling much more fulfilling and less desperate than the last ten years or so.

Feels like I've rounded some sort of corner. And I can look in the mirror and smile instead of cringe.

Proof that the Holy Spirit is hard at work mending the broken places, I guess.

So, nothing silly....just me in the middle of the day yesterday.

Here's wishing I could have a nice cup of coffee and a chat with each of my faithful blog readers....all five of you, LOL.


Anonymous said…
My gorgeous, gorgeous daughter--on all levels of your being.

Your Dad
Alana said…
Aw, thanks. Everyone says I look just like YOU.
Liz in Seattle said…
Your dad is so sweet! And make that six readers, as long as I can bring my mocha from Seattle.
I would love to have a coffee and a chat with you! We should do another Ladies night at my house. Are you free this Sunday evening? We could do dessert and coffee/tea again. What do you think?
Oh! I forgot to say: you look beautiful in these photos.
Alana said…
Thank you for the compliment.
Mimi said…
Gorgeous, I agree with your dad! I love the photos!
carmen said…
I think you look beautiful.
carmen said…
I think you look beautiful.
Anonymous said…
You are still the same beautiful Alana I remember. Aged around your eyes? I can't see it!!!
You maybe pushing 40, but I will still be there ahead you. When you are tired of pushing, give me your hand and I will pull you! I will take you up on the coffee at your table one of these days.
Love you and miss you!!
Jasmine said…
You look like a babe, just like when we met at Panera in Fall 2005.
urbansix said…
especially the 3rd one is quite elegant, imho.
elizabeth said…
beautiful pictures! very elegant... you have what writers i've read describe as good bones, which makes beauty last and deepen...

i do not always get around to commenting, but i read your blog regularily. we may never meet and there are miles of land in between where we live, but well... i can't wait for heaven, where we can all meet... i have been part of 4 orthodox churches because of my traveling student days and sometimes i think, "wow, this person would really love being friends with this person"... and then i think again of heaven!

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